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Cool Freeze CDF 36

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Quick Overview

Compressor cooler for refrigeration and freezing 12 and 24 Volt

compressor with integrated control electronics, low voltage protection via slide switch selectable for load - or starter battery, electronic fuse / automatic reverse pole protection, dynamically ventilated wire tube condenser, aluminum tube evaporator, heat dissipation to the outside by brushless, wear fan


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Storage space: 31 liters

Temperature range: +10 ° C to -15 ° C, continuously variable via electronic thermostat

Power: 45 Watt

Power consumption: 0.75 Ah / h at 20 ° C ambient temperature

1.13 Ah / h at ambient temperature +32 ° C,

both at +5 ° C interior temperature

Color: body light gray / dark gray lid

Weight: approx 17 kg

Test mark: TÜV / GS, e-approved in accordance with 2006/28 / EC (EMC / vehicle directive)

Supplied with: DC connection cable

Display: Digital and LED interior

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