Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions Truck accessoires.nl

1. General
By placing an order the buyer is supposed to accept. These general conditions of sale Terms or conditions of the buyer, contrary to the terms hereof, may Truck accessories Terborg be invoked if and insofar as they have been accepted in writing. Terborg only by Truck Accessories Either expressly or tacitly drop by Truck Accessories Terborg of relying on one or more provisions of these terms, affect the applicability of the other provisions of these terms and conditions. To it in a case omitted by Truck Accessories Terborg of relying on one or more of these conditions can derive the buyer in any other case, any right.

2. Quotes, orders
All offers are non-binding. Truck accessories Terborg will adhere as much as possible any delivery times, but exceeded them gives the buyer the right to terminate the agreement (except amounts to more than 60 days or if the purchaser has specified explicitly date of delivery in writing which by Truck accessories Terborg is accepted) and in any case never to compensation.

3. Increase taxes, tariffs
If entered between the time of the order and the delivery increases in sales-related taxes, insurance or freight these will be borne by the buyer.

4. Risk after delivery
Notes on damages or shortages must reach us on forfeiture of your rights, within 48 hours of delivery / collection.
The risk for the goods sold is on delivery of Truck Accessories Terborg to the buyer in accordance with the agreed terms of delivery, to interpret the latest edition of the "Incoterms" as published by the International Chamber of Commerce so without prejudice to the terms of this provisions regarding ownership.

5. Packaging
Non-returnable packaging is not taken back. Standing money or loan packaging is poorly reversed if, in the opinion of Truck Accessories Terborg in good condition and free is returned.

6. Transport
The buyer will make all the transportation that is made readily dissolve and release so that no costs or damages caused by delay for Truck accessories Terborg arise and the buyer will comply with all instructions issued Truck Accessories Terborg might give available by Truck Accessories Terborg for the return of this material. Failure to meet the buyer is obliged to compensate the delay or return resulting damage.

7. Payments, default
All payments must be made within 30 (thirty) days after the invoice date or within the period indicated on the invoice by the purchaser. Truck accessories Terborg always reserves the right to deliver COD. If no full payment of the net invoice amount has been paid within the prescribed period, the purchaser may have against Truck Accessories Terborg in default without notice. The buyer shall also be in default if he is in a state of bankruptcy or suspension of payments. Within the aforementioned period Before the commencement of this omission will be formal or notice required. From the date of commencement of the default until the date of full payment, the buyer Truck accessories Terborg a daily interest payable of 3% per annum above the prevailing prime rate of De Nederlandsche Bank NV and in addition, upon Truck accessories Terborg for collection gives the claim for an amount of 15% of the principal amount due, with a minimum of Euro 150, - without prejudice to any payable by the purchaser court and / or enforcement costs and affect the right of Truck Terborg accessories to claiming actual costs and interest.

8. Retention
The delivery of goods will be at risk but not ownership of those things about Truck Accessories Terborg on the buyer. Truck accessories Terborg retains ownership of the property in question until the buyer for all his benefits linked to the relevant episode, including those payable under its default, have been fulfilled.

9. Warranties
Truck accessories Terborg has fulfilled its obligations to Truck Accessories Terborg if the goods have been delivered in accordance with the agreed quality. If not explicitly specified quality is agreed, the goods have the quality as defined in the bill. Samples are provided only as an indication. No warranty is given for the suitability of the goods for the purpose intended by the purchaser thereof, and for the accuracy of information and opinions on the transport, storage, use, features and specifications of the delivered or goods to be delivered . In this respect, the buyer is obliged to check before they are used or supplied and in any case the quality and all other relevant properties to him of the goods delivered within eight days after delivery. Use or delivery shall be deemed acceptance. The buyer accepts as the law permits such a case, any liability associated with the use of the delivered goods and the products in or on which they are applied and shall Truck accessories Terborg to indemnify against claims by third parties accordingly. The buyer is obliged to investigate whether the use or by delivery of the goods delivered any infringement of intellectual or industrial property rights of third parties and Truck Accessories Terborg accepts no liability in respect yourself. Truck accessories Terborg reserves the right to terminate if Truck Accessories Terborg reasonably suspects that the buyer is guilty of such a breach or a concluded contract by means of a written notice to the purchaser fully or partially will without Truck accessories Terborg for damages will be held. otherwise to any obligation

10. Complaints
Subject to subparagraph 9. Some have a complaint about delivered goods are brought immediately, but no later than 8 days after the complaint by the buyer discovered or should have been discovered by the buyer. Notified of Truck Accessories Terborg writing The buyer will be required by all Truck Accessories Terborg cooperate with the (same) grant the complaint. If a complaint by the buyer is considered warranted will Truck Accessories Terborg choice or the goods supplied free of charge or replaced with the buyer a written settlement regarding compensation of the complaint related direct damage of the purchaser, provided that the buyer at all times is bound to damage for which full or partial insurance coverage is to claim that consequential damages of any payment by Truck Accessories Terborg is excluded by their own insurers and that the liability of Truck Accessories Terborg and therefore the amount of compensation is always limited to a maximum of the net invoice amount of the goods concerned. Notwithstanding the foregoing limitation all claims by the buyer on any agreement concluded with him by the lapse of one year after the day on which the goods ought to be delivered. Were delivered or

11. Odds
Without prejudice to the legal rights of parties to non-attributable failure to perform Truck Accessories Terborg has the right to suspend or terminate in the event of force majeure. Agreement in whole or in part the delivery of the goods The buyer will then no right to bring suit. Damages against Truck Accessories Terborg Force majeure is defined as total or partial failure, reduction or elimination of the business of Truck Accessories Terborg or of the person whose truck accessories Terborg the deliverables feedstocks involves, the rules are issued, whereby production , restrict, impede or render impossible, mobilization, war, hostilities, riot, strike, lockout, conspiracy of workers, barrier rail or transport to other transport or lack thereof, shipwreck delivery, transport or unloading of the goods are lost, damaged or breakdown, of transport, even if it causes according to law, legal act or generally accepted on his behalf would come and / or when these causes were foreseeable at the time of concluding the contract. Truck accessories Terborg, the purchaser of the occurrence of the facts and circumstances referred urgently provide knowledge and thereby indicate whether, and to what extent and under what conditions he will continue the delivery.

12. Dissolution
In the event of default as provided in Article 7, and if the buyer any obligations that or any other agreement with Truck accessories Terborg, does not properly fulfill, not timely or Truck accessories Terborg authorized any agreement with the buyer, without judicial intervention and without notice terminated immediately declare, without prejudice to the rights which the Truck accessories Terborg can derive from this agreement or law to the buyer the right or including damages.

13. Applicable law and competent court
The agreement is subject to Dutch law. For the decision of disputes, the jurisdiction in accordance with the subject of the dispute in the District Judge to Terborg at stake always be authorized, subject to the right of Truck Accessories Terborg do appear before the competent court of his domicile. A buyer If buyer is resident outside the Netherlands, will for the decision of disputes, only the courts are empowered to Terborg, except for appeal and / or cassation. Under residence is against legal persons in the above means the place of the registered office of the legal entity.